Hi, my name is Peretz Glass

I'm a Dj, musical producer, and an instructor of Dj courses across Israel.

I'm an alumnus of the Scratch Dj Academy in New York and "Muzik" college for production and music creation in Tel-Aviv.
I started my musical career in the 5th grade when I was selected to be a Dj at a friend's birthday party, playing music from a double-cassette boombox. And the rest is history.

Years went by, and my old double-cassette boombox was upgraded into a set of professional turntables. The same set that I've been taking with me everywhere while playing on hundreds of stages from the biggest venues in Israel to a variety of parties, weddings, and festivals around the world, discovering beautiful and amazing places such as Cancun, New York, Hamburg, Cyprus, and Mauritius.

Since its early days, I'm proud to be a part of the Israeli local hip-hop scene. I have had the honor to share a stage with some of Israel's best hip-hop artists like Ravid Plotnik (Nechi Nech), Tuna, Tedi Negosa, etc.

I've got more than 16 years of experience on the Dj deck. Playing music and spinning records is my soul and essence. I am always thinking about new ways to upgrade myself as a DJ and a musician. For this reason, I'm always trying to work (whenever possible) on my turntables set up, playing my drum machine with perfect timing that will make the crowd go crazy, and creating mixes and mashups that are tailored for the live audience to whom I play.

When I'm not playing on my turntables as a Dj, I'm creating some original music and producing others. I also act as a mentor and guide for the next generation of Israeli DJs and teach a course about the history of the hip-hop genre.

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Peretz is perfect! We've met him absolutely by chance, but we've just clicked from the first moment, even on our first phone call with him! He is a fantastic human, beautiful on the inside and outside. He knew what we needed right from the very beginning. Peretz knew how to deal with the fact that I'm a control freak and managed to make the best out of my over the top playlist (which included around 280 songs); he granted our requests when we've asked him to, and, on the same note, he knew when to put us in place and refuse when it was needed and we were wrong - which is also essential! Peretz read the dance floor to perfection and knew exactly which song to play every moment. The compliment we've heard the most was: "Wow, you had such amazing music, and Peretz is just a perfect DJ." We were speechless. Seriously, elderly guests stayed after midnight and told us how much fun they had, while the younger guests had the time of their lives

Liked: Peretz is friendly in the most sincere way; he is kind, funny, and has a broad perspective on the wedding world when it comes to music. He is very open-minded to new ideas, and he adjusts himself to the couple and not vice versa. He is just a charming man and an incredible DJ in every aspect. Our wedding was exactly as we dreamt it would be!

My Tip: It is hard to decide on a DJ for your event because, unlike a photographer, which you can book instantly after you've seen his photos, or a wedding menu that you choose after you've tasted the food and everything is clear to you, here - the most important thing is your chemistry with the DJ and whether you'll click with him or not. This is your only way to tell if the DJ is really on the same page as you, carrying the same vibe - and Peretz is the right guy for this!

I first met Peretz when I was my friend's bridesmaid, and he was the DJ at her wedding. The event turned into one of the best parties ever! Since then, I've already known that he would be the DJ at my wedding, even before I knew who would be the groom :)

Since our first meeting with him over a year ago, we've clicked instantly. We've even had a playdate with our dogs! Throughout the whole process, he was available to us and communicative; he was supportive and professional even when the wedding got postponed due to the covid pandemic. Choosing him as a DJ was the best decision we've made! During our wedding, the dance floor was crowded with people of all ages who danced all night! Peretz knows how to read the dance floor and make everyone dance! Even now, more than a month after the wedding, our guests keep calling to tell us how great the DJ was! We never dreamt of having such an amazing wedding with people who danced nonstop until the late hours, and it is all because of Peretz.

Liked: He is just the best, and his rate was really great!

My Tip: Do yourself a favor and book Peretz.

We first met Peretz at a friend's wedding, and we instantly fell in love with him!

Since the first meeting with the DJ, he had been kind to us with his warm attitude and personal touch, full of positive vibes and the desire to provide us the best service possible. Every time we met him, he came prepared after he learned more about our music taste - we knew that our party was going to be Epic. And it really was. Perez Glass Is an artist who knows how to read the dance floor while generating an amazing atmosphere throughout the event

We've contacted Peretz through a friend's recommendation. In general, personal recommendations from valued friends are the best way to discover the best service providers to create the perfect event.

Liked: DJ Peretz is not just a DJ to make a living. It is well shown that being a DJ is his passion and desire. Peretz has an advanced sense of music. He "Swims" and demonstrates vast knowledge in multiply music genres from mainstream to indie and underground. In addition, Peretz is an experienced DJ. He has an outstanding ability to read the dance floor due to his sharp eye for details. For these reasons, it is relatively easy to understand why he received such positive feedback from our guests and us. In fact, our guests have told us that the music at our wedding was so good that they consider it to be one of the best parties they've attended in years

In conclusion - two days have passed since our wedding, and the muscles in my legs are still cramped, thanks to Peretz. People refused to leave the dance floor, and even though the party had started relatively early, Peretz had managed to make everyone dance, and the atmosphere was electric!

He read the guests perfectly, mixed genres, and considered our personal requests. The bottom line is that Peretz is the main reason why it was the best party we've ever attended. More than a DJ, he is just a fun person; Our interaction with him was fun from the first time we met, and up to the very end of our wedding party, with endless patience, attention, dedication, and kindness.

To make a long story short - If you want to feel that you are in safe hands - don't hesitate

A friend of ours recommended us to contact Peretz and boy! It is insane how right she was! After a long and frustrating day, we were in a terrible mood when we arrived at the first meeting with Peretz. Still, everything changed instantly the moment we met. Peretz has done everything to make us feel better and cheer us up! He offered us some beers, listened to our peculiar taste in music, and even liked some of the songs we suggested! it was fun. The excellent vibe continued to our 2nd meeting with him and at the wedding.

The party was I-N-S-A-N-E! all of our friends have said so, including the younger guests and those in their 30s, the mothers, and the grandfathers. People even danced during dinner. So, to conclude: It was great!

Liked: He was available for us all along and stayed supportive and calm even when we changed our minds about the music for the ceremony; he even helped us operate an electric piano while being professional with a big smile on his face and a tone of energy. His musical knowledge is really vast, and he knew how to play versatile music genres that were exactly what our guests needed.

My Tip: Just choose Perez

Our DJ was Peretz Glass. He is just a champion! There are not enough words to describe how good he was. He helped us pick the songs, and it felt as if he was inside our heads and knew which songs we'll like even before we figured it out on our own.

He read the dance floor during the party, knowing precisely what to play, with accurate cuts between the songs. He ensured that we were having fun and really cared about us as if it was his wedding party.

Liked: He cared about us. We've received great vibes from him instantly during the wedding and every time we've met him.

My tip: Come with an open mind and realize that your wedding party is different than the music you usually listen to while in your car and that there is a real need for a vast amount of songs for the benefit of everyone at the party.

Peretz was the best choice we've ever made! When we'd just met, it was clear to us that he was indeed a professional. Still, he was also really kind, pleasant, and available. Even now, we are still getting a lot of compliments from guests who keep asking for him. So if you are looking for a DJ, there is absolutely no doubt that Peretz Glass is the Best choice you'll ever make!

Liked: The fact that he is really a professional! He made an actual effort to get to know us better and learn more about our musical taste

We reached Peretz after our wedding planner, who previously worked with him, insisted that we meet him, even though we've wanted another DJ. After the first meeting with Peretz, it was clear that this was it. We've clicked instantly, and Peretz showed us his outstanding skills while playing a live DJ set out of songs that we've chosen on the fly. it was really crazy!

Liked: The personal touch, a true professional, great vibes, and a fun atmosphere, he knows how to read the dance floor and make the right adjustments on the spot. The best recommendation we can give!

The talented Peretz had been there for us from day one. From our first event, which got postponed, until the new date for our wedding, every meeting with Peretz was fun and easy-going, leaving us feeling that we were in the safest hands. He was sensitive towards us while being a true professional.

The music at our wedding was spot on, balanced between our musical tastes and reading the dance floor to perfection, so every guest could connect to the music and dance. We've received endless compliments from our guests. we couldn't recommend him enough. My Tip: Always choose a DJ who gives you his undivided attention while having a great taste in music. One that you've got a fun connection with him